Narrator: Antonio Manfroni – Manfroni Mill

Even the mediterranean scrub speaks, it has stories to tell. And it does so using its own language. The sound of lapping water. The rustling of leafy branches. The drumming of a woodpecker. The squeaking of an old fence. The auditory landscape also confers a place its identity.

The Manfroni mill is a great example of industrial architecture. Very little is still preserved of the original building, as, after it stopped serving its function around the 1950’s, it underwent a rapid process of deterioration. The Mill made use of the waters of the Timone stream, duly channeled, to grind cereals destined for consumption by the families of Cellere. There are other mills powered by water along the Timone stream. In the past, when these factories were at their peak, they were a frequent destination for their clients; therefore the buildings were easy to reach for both wagons and pack animals. The existence of these relics proves just how different the area used to be compared to what it looks to visitors nowadays, more so a place dedicated to production and work rather than a naturalistic trail to hike for leisure.