Cellere brigands' tavern

The brigands’ tavern

The brigand as a heritage

Testimonies from historians and collectors

The Taverna dei briganti displays samples of products that carry the brigand’s brand and that are easily available on the local market. Agri-food products like cheeses, wines and several types of preserves, but also garments and hunting clothes. Promotional material manufactured by both local craft shops and several accommodation facilities, who use the figure of the brigand in their logos.

The use of the brigand implies he is a symbolic mediator, capable of creating a location and giving it depth and to turn a simple place into a destination.

The tavern has a multimedia station equipped with videos of local historians who, through the attention gained with their published work, contributed to keeping alive the memory of the legendary Tiburzi and his peers. The videos also feature a collection of testimonies about the places, between Lazio and Tuscany, tied to the stories of the Maremma brigands.

To complete this section is a specialized book collection.